The most common reason for a Smart not waking up is that the battery was drained.  First, plug in your Smart using the wall charger (it provides power more quickly than your computer's USB port) for at least 15-20 minutes.  This will give a drained battery enough juice to restart; a full charge will take two hours.  Once your Smart has restarted, please put it back on the wall charger to fill the battery.

To restart, press down firmly and hold the silver On/Off button (located on the top edge of your Smart) for a full count of 20 seconds. Then tap the On/Off button again to wake your Striiv.  You should quickly see a green screen saying Warming Up.  This is the beginning of the startup process.  All your personal data will be in place. Check the date and time settings to be sure they are current.

Alternate method: Place the Smart screen down into the palm of your hand and repeat the 20-second press of the On/Off button.  Then tap the button once to restart.  The power button is small and some customers have had greater success reaching it from this alternate direction.